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an estate of about 600 fields.


”… vast and beautiful building with an estate of about 600 fields…”: such were the dimensions of the estate surrounding the Ca’ Bianca of San Vito al Tagliamento at the time of its greatest splendor, in the middle of the 18th century.

The wines of ‘600campi’, inspired by the work of those who have cultivated the parcels of land around the estate over the centuries, are spokesmen for the territorial tradition of the Friuli Grave Appellation, known for its important grape varieties such as Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Glera and Friulano. The use of the most modern technologies, the respect of rigorous sustainability practices and the application of the historical winemaking traditions of our territory, allow us today to produce wines from medium/long maceration and fermentation on the yeasts, which are accessible to everyone. To meet the demands of our customers, our wines are also Vegan certified.


First of all, we believe in energy saving, with photovoltaic production of most of the electricity needed by our company, and the use of GPS, drones and satellites to optimise the care of each vineyard.
Then, we are committed to saving water, with our underground irrigation system managed by probes that allow us to supply water only where and when it is needed, canalising it from underground from our artesian well directly to the roots of the vines.

In our vineyards we favour natural and organic practices. We have banned pesticides and chemical fertilisers and considerably reduced the use of copper. The philosophy of ‘prevention is better than cure’ teaches us that it is better to keep plants healthy rather than to have to treat them constantly.

The grapes are harvested when they have reached optimum ripeness. In accordance with the work philosophy we adopt in the vineyard, we pursue our choices of quality and sustainability also in the cellar, where we work to minimize the use of sulphites.


Ribolla Gialla IGT Venezia Giulia Macerata in Anfora

Amber yellow color. The nose has a delicate bouquet of wilde flowers, white fruits and vanilla aroma. The palate is well-structured, elegant and refined, with mineral notes and a long finish.
Perfect to drink as an aperitif, it goes well with vegan dishes such as pumpkin risotto, linguine with vegan lentil ragout. It goes well with fish starters, raw fish or light, delicate seafood dishes. Serve at 12-15°C

Pinot Grigio Ramato DOC Delle Venezie

Amber colour. The nose reveals aromas of small red fruits and intense spicy notes and scents of vanilla. The palate is elegant, fruity and pleasantly soft, with a clear savoury flavour in the lingering finish.
Ideal as an aperitif, it goes well with vegan dishes such as chickpea hummus with herb croutons, gnocchi with vegetable cream and sage. Excellent with smoked fish starters, risotto, sushi and fish tartare. Serve at 12-15 °C.

Pinot Grigio Rosato DOC Delle Venezie

Pale coral pink color. To the nose, pleasing notes of red berries, and floral nuances. On the palate it is rather mineral, pleasantly balanced with hints of berries. Elegant and agreeably persistent. Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with risotto, fish dishes especially grilled fish, white meat and soft cheese. Serve at 12-15 °C.

Ribolla Gialla IGT Venezia Giulia “Orange Capsule”

Golden color with amber highlights. The nose reveals pleasant hints of bread crust, notes of white flowers, golden apple and vanilla aroma. The palate is elegant and refined, slightly tannic and very persistent with an enveloping, rich and deep taste.
Particularly suitable for vegan consumption. It goes well with vegetable starters, crostini with mushroom pate and vegetable caponata. Perfect with fish starters, Sushi and white meat. Serve at 12-15°C

Pinot Grigio DOC Friuli Venezia Giulia “Orange Capsule”

Straw yellow colour, with copper highlights. The nose has a delicate fruity bouquet, citrus notes and hints of vanilla and tertiary aromas. On the palate it has an elegant medium body, nice freshness and good savoury flavour.
Suitable for vegan consumption, it goes well with chickpea and aubergine burgers as well as almond and sage okara cheese. Likewise, it goes well with sauced white meats and BBQ as well as roasted turkey. Excellent with medium mature cheeses. Serve at 12-15°C.

Glera IGT Venezia Giulia Frizzante

Pale straw yellow, naturally veiled due to re-fermentation in the bottle.
The nose has fragrant aromas of pear, rennet apple and hints of acacia flowers.
The palate is delicately savoury with an excellent acidity.
Perfect with the whole meal for the pleasantness of its fine perlage. Suitable for vegetarian consumption, to be enjoyed with fried green tomatoes, vegan lasagne with courgettes, radicchio, escarole and Tofu. Excellent with dishes based on fish and white meat. Serve at 8-10°C


The range 600campi includes also two dealcoholized sparkling wines, made from carefully selected autochthonous grapes, vinified in the winery’s cellar and then dealcoholized with the utmost care and attention to quality during the entire production process.
An innovative selected dealcoholization technique allows the alcohol to be extracted from the wines while keeping their organoleptic characteristics intact.
Dealcoholized wines meet the demands of all those who do not want or cannot consume alcohol, allowing them to toast with friends, savoring the aromas and scents of a good Italian wine without drinking alcohol.

Sparkling wine Blanc de Blancs 0% Vol

Pale straw yellow. The nose reveals light fruity aromas of apple with a hint of white flowers. The palate has good acidity well balanced by a certain sweetness.
Perfect throughout the meal for the pleasantness of its fine perlage and for every occasion to celebrate.
Serve at 6-8 °C.

Sparkling wine Rosé 0% Vol

Pale coral pink color. The nose reveals fruity scents of apple with a light hint of red fruits. The palate has good freshness, acidity and a certain roundness.
Perfect throughout the meal for the pleasantness of its fine perlage and for excellent non-alcoholic aperitifs.
Serve at 6-8 °C.


The Friuli Grave DOC, known for the quality of its grape varieties Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Glera, Friulano and Chardonnay, stretches over about 7,500 hectares between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, mainly in the plain of Tagliamento river. Protected by the mountains and mitigated by the sea, this area has been producing wine for centuries. The alluvial and pebbly soils with large deposits of sand and stones have always favored an excellent drainage; the temperature range between day and night enhances the development of the sugary and aromatic components of the grapes.


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